Improve the Quality of Life for One and All.

Health, or the lack of it, touches every one of us. In developing nations staying healthy can make the difference between life and death. Accurate and rapid diagnoses at the point-of-care is critical. These services are also necessary for the middle class of emerging markets where becoming sick can mean falling behind in every aspect of life. Rapid diagnostics are also critical in developing nations where it is increasingly apparent that an improved quality of life results in individuals living longer.

Coppe Healthcare Solutions develops innovative medical diagnostics and health information technology to empower patients while leveraging information in order to preserve and restore health.


We have the responsibility to provide solutions to the world that permit individuals and healthcare workers to make rapid, reliable, and informed medical decisions.

~ Coppe Employees


Implementing sustainable healthcare strategies and policies for developing nations.


Whether it is Coppe's proprietary technology or that of our partners, we are blurring the lines between medical devices, diagnostics and health IT.